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For our upcoming exhibit next month, we have collaborated with and are pleased to invite one of their popular artists, Ann Tarantino, to show some of her works. is a website that provides professional, collectable artwork at highly competitive rates. Their motto is “It’s Art for Everyone.” They believe that everyone can, and should, collect art. They also believe that artists should have more opportunities to sell their art.

Ann has an MFA from Pennsylvania State University and her work has been shown across the country, including an exhibition at the Curator’s Office in Washington, D.C. Ann uses ink and other water-based media to paint on both paper and canvas. Speaking of her recent organic, flowing artwork, Ann states that much of her recent work is influenced by memories of moving through water as a competitive swimmer. She says “The connection between the practice of art-making and the discipline, stamina and repetition required to perform athletically is referred to in my use of my breath as a mark-making tool in my paintings and drawings.” We are very excited to have her work here starting on the 5th of next month.

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